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Bigger isn’t always better in futures trading.

Conducting business on a small scale can sometimes lead to large opportunities. In the futures markets, a small position can lead to consistent profitability. Although there is no denying that trading large sizes can lead to extraordinary profits, the E-minis, Micro E-minis, and the Smalls can all also offer opportunities for your trading.

In this guide, we’ll explore:

  • The pros and cons of the E-minis, Micro E-minis, and the Smalls
  • How to optimize your capital efficiency using futures
  • How to choose the right contract for your trading goals
  • What a dedicated broker can do to help boost your trading
Although the futures market can be an intimidating place, the vast array of options available can make for a profitable process—with the right attention to your trading. Download this guide today to take a deep dive and learn what trading small can do for you.

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