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Access the Insights of a Swing Trading Pro

This swing trading guide was written by Scott Hoffman, a futures trader with over 25 years of experience. This guide explains the trading methods Scott uses in his Swing Trader’s Insight advisory and is based on trading methods he learned from Linda Bradford Raschke.

Esstentials_Futures_Swing_Trading-Book-CoverIn this guide, Scott will show you how to:

  • Anticipate a market’s likely direction of movement for the upcoming trading session
  • Identify markets that are set up for potential breakout moves
  • Find trades with good risk to reward ratios
  • Have the discipline and patience to wait for good setups and trade them when the market does what you anticipate. This gives you the confidence to act when the market starts to do what you expected.

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scott-hoffmanAbout the Author:

Scott Hoffman serves as an educator and mentor for new traders and as a trading partner and ally for experienced traders. The breadth and depth of Scott’s knowledge make him the “go-to guy” for both retail and institutional traders. See how he applies his expertise to the live markets in his newsletter, The Swing Trader's Insight.