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Coronavirus, the US Election and the Markets

With the global spread of Coronavirus dominating news headlines and the potential for volatility driven by this year’s US presidential election, fundamental forces are looking to have an effect on an array of markets in 2020.

“While the coronavirus will probably dominate the markets over the near term, it is not completely unrelated to the coming US election. First of all, a major component of President Trump’s reelection platform is a strong US economy with expanding job opportunities, and a serious undermining of the global economy because of the virus in China would probably reduce odds of reelection...”Register Now to Continue Reading!

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  • When should traders expect peak election-related volatility?
  • How might surprises from the Supreme Court affect the markets this summer?
  • What three factors could have the largest impact on grain and livestock markets in 2020?
  • From equities to coal, which markets are most likely to be sensitive to the potential effects of Coronavirus and the US elections?
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