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Spot Trade Setups Using Volume Analysis!

Andrew Pawielski - Founder of Market Dimensions Advisory program and 12+ year commodity professional hosts Peter Davies founder of Jigsaw Trading to help you develop your trading skills.

Take a look at what makes a good trading setup, then check out Peter Davies' personal top 7 trading setups.

For each trading setup, we’ll consider the following

  • What the setup is
  • Which market conditions it works best in
  • Why the setup works
  • Who is on the wrong and right side of the trade if it works out
  • How to identify it’s working out
  • How to identify if it’s not working out
  • Typical Risk:Reward
Although the setups are different, they share many common factors. Instead of learning 7 different skills, we are taking a few skills and applying them in different scenarios.

If you’re looking for new setups or ways to improve or manage your existing setups – this webinar is for you.



View the Recorded Webinar!



Peter Davies - CEO of Jigsaw Trading

At Jigsaw, our focus is on the cause of price moves, helping traders to understand and see for themselves what it is that makes people engage in the market at certain times. Whether you are looking to refine your existing trade method or you have nothing that’s working yet, Jigsaw has the tools, the knowledge and the desire to help you reach your trading goals.


Andrew Pawielski - Senior Broker and Trader at Daniels Trading
With more than 11 years experience in commodity market trading, Andrew Pawielski is a trusted advisor to many successful Daniels Trading clients. His insight and experience will help guide you from feeling overwhelmed and over-leveraged, to taking control of your trade accounts and locating high probability trade setups within the futures markets.