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Maintaining your Edge In The Market. 

With any sport (and a lot of professional endeavors), keeping your edge and improving is something you do separately from competing. You compete, you train, you improve your weak spots. For a lot of traders, there is no process of improvement. Retail traders tend to be either clicking buy and sell OR looking for a new way to trade. Very few people are engaged in finding and correcting their weak spots. Rather, they keep re-inventing themselves. We'll take a look at the daily/weekly/monthly review process and how to focus outlying days, so you understand whether or not that's something to consider moving forward. 

View the webinar to consider:

  • Identifying potential weak spots.
  • Best practices for getting the most from your trade journal on Journalytix.
  • How to operate and get the most out of your trading tools

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Peter Davies - CEO of Jigsaw Trading

At Jigsaw, our focus is on the cause of price moves, helping traders to understand and see for themselves what it is that makes people engage in the market at certain times. Whether you are looking to refine your existing trade method or you have nothing that’s working yet, Jigsaw has the tools, the knowledge and the desire to help you reach your trading goals.


Andrew Pawielski - Senior Broker & Founder of the Market Dimensions Advisory
With more than 12 years experience in commodity market trading, Andrew Pawielski is a trusted advisor to many successful Daniels Trading clients. His insight and experience will help guide you from feeling overwhelmed and over-leveraged, to taking control of your trade accounts and locating high probability trade setups within the futures markets. Having this professional brokerage experience and being a futures market participant led Andrew to found the educational trading service Market Dimensions Advisory (MDA).