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Join us for our popular webinar on Volume Analysis and Market Profile 

There are many tools in a futures trader’s arsenal, and using volume analysis and Market Profile are just a few of those tools. This webinar, A Modern Take on Volume Analysis and Market Profile in Futures Markets, discusses these techniques in more detail as well as how to employ them in your trading strategy.

Watch the on-demand recording to learn about:

  • The basics of markets and Market Profile
  • Using TAS tools in your trading strategy
  • How these tools can help traders win

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About the Presenter:  Andrew Pawielski


Andrew Pawielski

At Daniels Trading, Andrew has worked with hundreds of traders and investors worldwide in many capacities of execution, trading, teaching, and consulting. Andrew’s experience and expertise is not just in full service brokerage support, but also on the industry’s leading managed futures, automated trading systems, education, trading technology and third party indicators that are available to both retail and institutional clients.