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Introducing: Options Trading on dt Pro!

Learn how to use options in your everyday trading plan! From puts to calls, you can learn about it all from a futures trading pro in our upcoming webinar. Join Futures Broker Jace Jarboe on September 18th as he explains how to successfully trade options on the dt Pro software.

Register for the LIVE event to learn about:

  • Reading option quotes
  • Utilizing the different features for options trading
  • Executing an option trade
  • Managing an option trade
  • Adding options on futures trading to your trading profile

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About the Presenter:jace-jarboe-1

Jace Jarboe has a keen interest in the unique role of commodity futures in the economy. Since 2016, he has assisted clients with speculating and hedging through utilizing futures, options, spreads, and spot FX. Jace aims to present trade recommendations to each client based on risk tolerance and intended trade duration.