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Are You Ready to Start Trading?

Join futures professional Scott Hoffman in this live event for futures trading beginners! Find out everything you need to know to start your futures trading journey.

Scott discusses everything from how you should choose a futures brokerage firm to discovering trading resources that can increase your odds of success.

Attend the webinar to get expert insights about:

  • The mechanics of futures trading
  • How futures margin requirements work
  • Facts you need to know before you start trading
  • How to open an account
  • & More!

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scott-hoffmanAbout the Presenter:

Scott Hoffman serves as an educator and mentor for new traders and as a trading partner and ally for experienced traders. The breadth and depth of Scott’s knowledge make him the “go-to guy” for both retail and institutional traders. See how he applies his expertise to the live markets in his newsletter, The Swing Trader's Insight.