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Why is hedging important? What is good ag marketing? How do I improve my marketing?

Walk away from this webinar with answers!

Learn about the importance of having a structured ag marketing plan that incorporates all the tools available to you as a producer! Broker Jake Swart hosts this exclusive hedging education webinar to show you examples of how using futures & options along with the sale of physical grain bushels can benefit your operation. Created specifically for producers, this webinar provides insights from a pro about the importance of using the board in your plan.

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About the Presenter: Jake Swart


Jake Swart is a Junior Futures & Options Broker. jake-swart-180x180He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Jake initially interned for Daniels Trading while still attending college, and it was at the firm where he gained an excitement about the markets that propelled him into a career as a broker after graduation. He became Series 3 licensed with the National Futures Association (NFA) during his internship and maintained his license until joining Daniels as a full time broker. He has dedicated himself to learning as much as he can about the futures industry and he is using that knowledge to assist his clients every day.