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Special Edition of the Oil and Gas Futures Webinar

Crude oil is one of the most talked-about markets—and one of the most exciting to trade. If you’ve been looking for ways to participate in the market action, find out why NOW is the time to get involved.

Join us for a special edition of our Inside Oil and Gas Futures webinar series featuring crude oil expert Bob Iaccino, Cofounder and Chief Market Strategist of Path Trading Partners, along with Andrew Pawielski and Jace Jarboe of Daniels Trading.

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You'll learn:

  • The benefits of trading crude oil futures versus stocks or ETFs, including market access, liquidity, and capital efficiency/leverage, with a spotlight on the WTI E-Mini Crude Oil contract (QM)

  • Essential tips for using technical indicators in combination with fundamental drivers to take advantage of crude oil market volatility while also managing risk

  • How to identify and apply trading strategies, including futures, options, and product spreads, to express your opinion on crude oil

This is a rare opportunity to hear one of the best in the industry. Don’t miss out!

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About the Presenter:  Bob Iaccino


Bob Iaccino

Bob Iaccino started in 1993 as a phone clerk on the CME floor. He now appears weekly on various media outlets, including as one of CNBC's "Futures Now" traders. He has served as a Chief Market Strategist, run a commodity pool and serves as a principal and member of the investment committee in a futures and forex FOF. Bob speaks on markets in places like Canada, Dubai, Qatar, Columbia, Panama, Mexico and several U.S. locations. Bob co-founded Path Trading Partners in 2015 and serves as the Chief Market Strategist.

About the Presenters:  Andrew Pawielski and Jace Jarboe


Andrew Pawielski

At Daniels Trading, Andrew has worked with hundreds of traders and investors worldwide in many capacities of execution, trading, teaching, and consulting. Andrew’s experience and expertise is not just in full service brokerage support, but also on the industry’s leading managed futures, automated trading systems, education, trading technology and third party indicators that are available to both retail and institutional clients.




jace-jarboe-1Jace has a keen interest in the unique role of commodity futures in the economy. Since 2016, he has assisted clients with speculating and hedging through utilizing futures, options, spreads, and spot FX. Jace aims to present trade recommendations to each client based on risk tolerance and intended trade duration.