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Get an Inside Look at Energy Futures!

Join dt brokers, Andrew Pawielski and Jace Jarboe, as they host a recurring micro webinar series on the oil and gas futures markets. 

Don’t miss this exciting new opportunity to listen first hand with two commodity professionals on the energy sector and point out the main catalysts driving the current market prices.

This webinar features: 

  • Learn the Futures contracts
  • Review Current fundamentals
  • Real-Time Technical Analysis
  • All questions addressed
  • Speculators and Hedgers

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Reserve Your Seat!

About the Presenter:  Andrew Pawielski


Andrew Pawielski

At Daniels Trading, Andrew has worked with hundreds of traders and investors worldwide in many capacities of execution, trading, teaching, and consulting. Andrew’s experience and expertise is not just in full service brokerage support, but also on the industry’s leading managed futures, automated trading systems, education, trading technology and third party indicators that are available to both retail and institutional clients.

About the Presenter: Jace Jarboe



Jace is a Futures & Options Broker with Daniels Trading. He is a licensed Series 3 and Series 34 broker with the National Futures Association (NFA). Since 2016, he has assisted clients with speculating and hedging through utilizing futures, options, spreads, and spot FX. Jace aims to present trade recommendations to each client based on risk tolerance and intended trade duration. He also provides education and mentorship services to clients. Jace offers webinars and one-on-one tutorials with futures traders every week.