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Jace Jarboe of Daniels Trading teams up with Ernie Varitimos of PatternCast for this exciting webinar to help traders like you implement trading signals into your trading strategy. PatternCast generates new trade signals for futures, forex and equities every day. The signals have a high degree of historical accuracy, they are timely, reliable, and just work. 

This webinar features:

  • Learning how to manage a trade and know your limits
  • To focus on managing profits rather than managing losses
  • How to concentrate on your trade execution with confidence
  • & More!

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About the Presenter - Ernie Varitimos



Ernie is an online Entrepreneur, Educator and Business Coach, he has a long career as an International Technology Management Consultant and Advisor, a Specialist in bridging technology and business objectives, Team Building and Process Reengineering. Ernie has over 35 years experience in a wide variety of industries including Finance, Insurance, Information Technology, Software Development, Manufacturing, Health Care, Communications, and Defense. 


About the Presenter - Jace Jarboe


Jace is a Futures & Options Broker with Daniels Trading. He is a jace-jarboe-1licensed Series 3 and Series 34 broker with the National Futures Association (NFA). Since 2016, he has assisted clients with speculating and hedging through utilizing futures, options, spreads, and spot FX. Jace aims to present trade recommendations to each client based on risk tolerance and intended trade duration. He also provides education and mentorship services to clients. Jace offers webinars and one-on-one tutorials with futures traders every week.